MakuluLinux Core Now Built on Forked Gnome
MakuluLinux Core Now Built on Forked Gnome

MakuluLinux is an ever-changing family of Linux desktops built on its own base around several heavily modified desktop environments. Core, the latest release, is an evolutionary redesign well worth trying.

Most distribution maintainers focus on annual or semi-annual operating system upgrades that update core system files and sometimes add different software packages and features.

MakuluLinux creator Jacque Montague Raymer continuously works to reinvent the Linux wheel. Over the last few years, he created unique user interfaces to make something new out of already established desktops.

His passion is creating new desktop features and integrating them into his other desktop releases. That process included moving the codebase from Debian to Ubuntu and ultimately creating his own Linux codebase.

Each new major release of MakuluLinux brings surprises and innovations that provide new computing experiences. I’ve enjoyed each new round of product testing. Raymer sends me builds of his various works in progress and shares with me his developmental strategies. The result is a bird’s-eye view of the inner workings of each release.

Raymer’s newest reinvented Core distribution became available the last week in May. It comes with an integration of the Gnome desktop that is like none you will find in any other Linux offering.