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India's 1st Awarded Bug Bounty Expertise Program

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Start Your Hack-Tech Journey

This phase will give you skill to create your own lab and cloud network with server setup. And in this phase you will learn hacking through tools. Understanding The Basic Of The Computers Architecture, Operating Systems And Network-Server Communication Architecture, Cloud Architecture with Hacking tools.

Code : HV 700:51

Develop Own Program And SCRIPT to Manipulate Tech

This phase will give you skill to all programming language to create your own programs, apps, web sites and host to public network. In this phase you will able to design your on hacking tools and scripts. Adopt Many Computer Programming Skills And Frameworks at different operating System Platforms.

Code : HV 700:52

Create Hacking Devices And Automate Hacking with Bots

This phase will give you skill to create your own Automated Devices, Robotics Devices With Data Science, ML & AI. So you can design own hacking devices and automate your hacking with bots. Master in Cloud Technology, IoT, Sensors, Data Science and Machine Learning, Bots.

Code : HV 700:53

Get expertise skills of AGGRESSIVE ATTACKS WITH Tech Science

This phase will give you skill of mathematics and science of hacking. And you will be able to design Hacking Automation programs and devices. Generating reports and records in forensic. Expert In Computer And Network Hacks And Play With World Of Data Using Data Science And Machine Learning Techniques. Cloud Hacks, OS Hacks.

Code : HV 700:54

Fight in the hacking world with CTF and bug bounty challenges


This phase is dedicated to bug bounty challenges. Bug Bounty Programmes, Capture The Flag (CTF) Challenges Malware Analysis, Vulnerability Scanning and Report.

Code : HV 700:55
HackersvellA™ OS
HackersvellA™ Tools & Programs
HackersvellA™ Scripts
HackersvellA™ Electronic Devices


HackersvellA™ is a full fledge program which is completely based on Latest Technologies and Their Manupulation. Duration : 12-14 Months.



HackersvellA™ is an International Hacking Expertise Program. HackersvellA™ is completely based on real world capstone projects andd research. Fee : 2.25 Lakh INR.


Awards & Achievements

HackersvellA™ achieved many success in short span of time. Recognised by National & Inernational Media forum and Award Bodies.